Malibu Family Outing

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We took Sydney to Malibu Pier for the first time on our weekend family outing. I think she enjoyed it, but it’s hard to tell based on her facial expressions in most of the photos we took. 😛 She’s definitely a deep thinker, always wondering and curious about her surroundings. At 16 months old, I try not to worry about every tiny thing. I think I’ll just let her grow in her own way at her own pace.


It’s amazing how each week goes by so quickly. Since we’re approaching the end of 2017, I started jotting down things I would like to achieve in the upcoming year. Number one on the list is – keeping up with my blog. 🙂 Life has changed dramatically since I started blogging 2 months ago. Being a first-time mom and a newbie blogger, I understand that it’ll take some time to adjust to the new lifestyle.

Many friends have asked me where I get the time and energy to be a mom and blogger. Well, I guess blogging is a way for me to satisfy my craving to be creative. Hopefully, by sharing what I do will also inspire a few people out there. I mean, sharing is loving, right? 😉 Everything in life is about balance, and that’s why I try my best to not have my blog interfere with spending quality time with Sydney. Because of this, I became a night owl…haha…mom by day and blogger by night.


So, what’s the one thing you would love to achieve next year? I would really like to know so I can get to know you guys a bit more. Feel free to write them in the comments below – it will be so lovely to read them!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful Monday!!!

Always with LOVE,


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