How To Look Your Best In A Midi Sweater Dress

How To Wear A Midi Sweater Dress

Midi dresses are a popular fashion piece which, depending on the style and fabric, can be worn at any time of the year. Since it’s winter now, what better way to stay fashionable than to simply put on a midi sweater dress, and your whole outfit is done!

How To Wear A Midi Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses in this length will look beautiful on pretty much everyone. For a taller girl, it will definitely compliment her figure and give off that “wow” effect. And for a petite girl, it can help to elongate her figure if accessorized in the right way.

In this post, I’m wearing a midi sweater dress from Kerisma. This beautiful form-fitting, silhouette dress with a sturdy ribbing, gives the body flattering curves and shape. The mock neck and flared 3/4 sleeves also makes this A-line sweater dress more feminine.

How To Wear A Midi Sweater Dress

How To Wear A Midi Sweater Dress

(My little one decided she wanted to join the party… at least she’s looking into the camera this time! Anyway, back to styling now… :))

I was going for a nice elegant casual look, so I chose to wear a pair of heeled boots. If you are a tall girl and don’t like to wear high heels, you can wear a pair of flat boots instead without sacrificing the style. Just keep in mind to choose a pair of boots where the part that covers your legs (shaft) goes up under the bottom of the dress. This way, there are no other horizontal lines that cut across your legs other than the bottom (hem) of the sweater dress. This helps keep the elegant flow of the outfit.

If you are a petite girl, most likely the bottom of the midi sweater dress will fall down closer to your ankles. If so, I would definitely suggest wearing form-fitting (tight to the legs) boots. I would avoid wearing any platformed boots because the midi sweater dress already appears “heavy”, so you don’t want to wear any shoes that are too chunky. Therefore, you essentially want to keep your bottom part of your body (legs, ankles, and feet) “light”, to make you appear taller. And if you wear a pair of pointy-toed boots, it can add up to an extra inch to your legs as well! 😉

To define the waist area, I decided to add a thin leather belt to this dress. The belt also helps to give the dress a focal point, which will naturally draw the eyes downwards to the boots, creating the illusion of longer legs. If you haven’t already noticed, I like to talk about how to appear taller and having longer legs, haha…

To complete this whole outfit, I wore a military-inspired leather jacket. But you have 2 options here:
1. A short jacket or coat for a more modern look.
2. A midi long coat for a dressier look.

How To Wear A Midi Sweater Dress

How To Wear A Midi Sweater Dress

How To Wear A Midi Sweater Dress

I will end with this: no matter how you decide to accessorize your midi sweater dress, confidence is the key. So let your own personal style shine and knock it out of the park this cold season with your midi sweater dress!

I hope you found this blog post helpful. Sometimes I get a little carried away and become too technical, so feel free to ask me any questions. Or, if you have other suggestions on how to wear a midi sweater dress, please let me know in the comments below!

Always with LOVE,


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