Head-to-Toe Power Plaid Suit

Head to Toe Power Plaid Suit

If you follow me on Instagram or read my fashion blog posts regularly, you probably already know my style. I loooovvvve styles that have a strong look. Today, I want to talk about another – plaid.

I’ve been a fan of plaid for a very long time now, but I’m very particular about its design patterns. Personally, I like the more monochromatic plaid patterns. I just think it’s more chic and elegant.

Head-to-Toe Power Plaid Suit

For centuries, plaid patterns have been dominated by Men’s fashion. But since Fall last year, plaid has become a must-have fashion piece for the ladies also, and definitely a piece to add to your wardrobe.

Head-to-Toe Power Plaid Suit

In this post, I’m wearing a head-to-toe plaid suit from H&M. I love the combo of the light grey with thin beige stripes. The double-breasted blazer with notched lapels are design details that I absolutely adore. I decided to wear it with a pair of cropped tapered pants in the same pattern to update the traditional look, with a younger feel. And to keep everything simple and classic, I just wore a white button-down shirt.

Head-to-Toe Power Plaid Suit Head-to-Toe Power Plaid Suit

To complete the look, I paired the suit with a rose gold metallic belt, pumps to make it more modern, and a neckerchief to be more stylish (plus to add a little femininity back to this masculine plaid look!)

Head-to-Toe Power Plaid Suit

Head-to-Toe Power Plaid Suit

Whichever way you want to personalize it, this power plaid suit will give off a very strong look that will definitely catch the attention of others (I got so many compliments from strangers while taking the photos for this blog post). 😛

So, if you wear suits to work – make sure to look into some plaid suit options to spice up the everyday navy or black suit look!

Always with LOVE,


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