A Simple Way To Make Cardigans Look Stylish

A Simple Way To Make Cardigans Look Stylish

I can’t believe we’re already in March and Spring is just around the corner! With the weather getting warmer, I can’t wait to wear lighter outfits that are weather appropriate and stylish at the same time.

Many of you loved the leopard cardigan look from my previous blog post, so I thought why not introduce another cardigan look this week – except with a much different feel. But first, did you know that Coco Chanel is credited with popularizing cardigans? To her, the front opening of a cardigan made it easy to put on a sweater without messing up her hair!

A Simple Way To Make Cardigans Look Stylish

Cardigans were very popular back in the 90s, but have now regained their appeal thanks to the patronage of the power design houses and influencers. Along with this resurgence was the long cardigan, which has soared in popularity since the start of the winter. It’s a great piece to wear during the cold weather, but even better (in my opinion) as a transitional seasonal piece.

In this blog post, I’m wearing an oversized ankle length cardigan with a large eyelet mesh pattern from Kerisma. What I absolutely love about this cardigan is it’s super easy to wear and is very stylish.

A Simple Way To Make Cardigans Look Stylish

The simplest way to wear the long cardigan is over a pair of skinny jeans (or leggings) with a T-shirt. But if you want to experiment a little, try the following 2 ideas (like I’ve styled in this blog post):

  1. Wear the long cardigan over a pair of shorts with a see-through metallic knitted tee and thigh-high boots. In this look, the cardigan becomes more of an accessory to the outfit. Since this cardigan was so lightweight, I tried to achieve the feel of a caped look (especially when the wind was blowing on it).
  2. If the cardigan doesn’t come with any closures, add a belt to create a faux wrap style. I used a wide belt to create a corset feel, but you can use a thin belt also if that’s what you prefer. You can overlap the front to create a faux wrap style, or leave a little gap in the center (like what I did) to show what you’re wearing underneath. For this look, the cardigan becomes more like a dress.

A Simple Way To Make Cardigans Look Stylish A Simple Way To Make Cardigans Look Stylish

Either way – whether you like to leave it loose and open or with a belt, a long cardigan is definitely a piece worth adding to your wardrobe.

I hope this post has inspired you in some way and has given you some creative ideas on how to wear a long cardigan. Let me know in the comments below how you usually style it!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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