How To Ramp Up Your Business Attire

How To Ramp Up Your Business Attire

For all my working office ladies, this post is for you! Or if you want to dress up in business attire and look stylish and practical just for fun, keep on reading. 🙂

How To Ramp Up Your Business Attire

I wrote about how to wear a plaid suit in a previous blog post and how much I love plaid. Plaid is probably the “IT” go-to print in ladies business attire for blazers and jackets. Another detail worth mentioning is the double-breasted design. The combination of these two design elements has made the plaid double-breasted blazer a “Power” business look.

Although plaid and double-breasted enclosures are very formal business looks, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them and look stylish at the same time!

How To Ramp Up Your Business Attire

In this post, I’m wearing a light blue plaid blazer from H&M. Since Spring has arrived, I’ve kept the whole outfit light and bright. Here are 3 simple styling tips that make this outfit different from the everyday business look:

1. Layering: Instead of wearing the button-down shirt the normal way, I left all the exposed buttons open on the shirt (I only buttoned the ones that are tucked into my pants) to reveal the tank underneath. This creates a layering detail that adds texture to the outfit. Also, it makes it feel less formal yet still look sophisticated.

2. Belt: I left my blazer unbuttoned and secured the front opening with a thin belt at the waist. By doing so, it shows off the layering of the shirt and tank better and accentuates the waist to add more femininity to the look. (In another blog post, I mentioned that the belt-over-jacket or blazer has been a very popular styling trend. To me, I think it softens the masculinity of the double-breasted plaid blazer)

3. Handkerchief Scarf: I love playing around with handkerchief scarfs. It’s a super simple accessory that can completely change the whole look of an outfit. Instead of the normal side front knot  that I usually do (fold the scarf in to your desired width and then double tie the knot either on the left or right side of the neck), I did the cowboy style (fold the scarf into a triangle, let it drapes in the front, and knot it in the back). I chose this styling to add a little masculinity back that I took away by adding the belt. But, if you want to keep it softer and more feminine, then just do a simple side front knot. 🙂

To finish the whole look, I chose a pair of white skinny jeans for a more business casual feel. If you want to look more business, feel free to wear a pair of dress pants. As for shoes, wearing a pair of pumps will complete this whole outfit beautifully, regardless of the feel.

How To Ramp Up Your Business Attire

That’s it! Super simple right? All the pieces of clothing I am wearing are very simple. It is how I put them together that adds character and personality to the outfit. Always remember though, we are the ones wearing the outfit; never let any outfit overpower who you are!

How To Ramp Up Your Business Attire

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you in my next post!


Always with LOVE,


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