How To Successfully Wear Two Different Prints Together

How To Successfully Wear Two Prints Together

With each Spring’s arrival, there are more and more print options to choose from when we shop. One of the most popular prints for this Spring is the floral print.

Today, I want to talk about how to successfully wear two different prints together, one obviously being the floral print!

How To Successfully Wear Two Different Prints Together

Since I live in LA, I’m fortunate enough to be enjoying warmer weather right now (or for most of the year for that matter! :P). Many of you though, are still experiencing cooler temperatures which means you probably haven’t retired your winter wardrobe yet.

In my previous posts, I’ve mentioned plaid many times and how popular it is. Well today, I’ll give you another reason to not retire this print just yet!

How To Successfully Wear Two Different Prints Together

In this post, I’m wearing a pair of plaid pants with a floral ruffle top (both from H&M). When combining two different prints together, make sure both aren’t too busy. The last thing you want are the two prints fighting each other for attention. You only need one to be the attention grabber (focal point), so the other must be more subdued. However, it’s best to avoid wearing prints that are too loud as they can be too overpowering.

How To Successfully Wear Two Different Prints Together

For example, the floral top I’m wearing has a large floral print all-over (it’s not as busy as some other floral prints with smaller flowers and leaves). So on the bottom, I decided to wear a pair of small grided plaid pants. If I chose to wear large grided plaid pants instead, then the plaid and the floral would have ended up fighting for attention (the person looking at the outfit wouldn’t know where to focus). But as you can see, the way I’ve styled this outfit it’s very clear that the focal point is the large floral printed top, and then the eyes gradually draw down to the small grided plaid pants on the bottom.

How To Successfully Wear Two Different Prints Together

Besides the size of the prints, the color of the two prints matters as well. If one of the prints has a very strong color, then the other print has to be more muted.

For example, the floral top has green all over it, so I chose a pair of plaid pants that has more of a muted grey tone with a pop of green (you can’t really see the green in the pants till you get closer). This way, the two colors pulls the whole outfit together without feeling too cluttered, or loud and busy.

To complete the look, I put on a gold belt (same earthy-warm tone as the green) and green silk pumps to match the outfit. If you don’t have green pumps, you can wear gold (to match the belt) or just nude colored pumps.

And that’s it! It’s a very simple outfit but can add something different to your everyday work attire.

How To Successfully Wear Two Different Prints Together

Hope this inspires you to try something different with your wardrobe!

Always With LOVE,


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