My Current Skincare Routine Revealed

Reveal Of My Current Skincare Routine

Many of you have asked me on Instagram for my skincare routine. So today, I’ll share with you the products I’m using right now. ­čÖé

Skincare wasn’t something I was very keen on when I was younger. I guess that’s normal because when we are young we think “we are invincible” right? At least I did… ­čśŤ The truth is, we should look after our skin despite our age. My mom always told me, “it’s better to work on prevention than to try to fix the problem”.

The product line I’m currently using is called CUVGET (shuvget), a Norwegian luxury Skincare line. I was very fortunate to have met the creator and founder of the brand, Geir Havard Kvalheim, and to find out more about the brand. I always love┬áto hear the story behind how brands get started, and where they are now.

My Current Skincare Routine Revealed

The Brief Story

The Norwegian artic region has one of the coldest and harshest climatic conditions in the world. And yet, the arctic species have acquired a unique ability to survive both the extreme cold and darkness of winter, and the exposure of the blazing summer sun. When nature reveals its secrets, its insight, its wisdom – the indigenous people of the north call it by a certain name – they call it CUVGET.

In 2010, Geir started his journey in researching. It took him 7 years of dedicated and uncompromising effort to finally realize his vision of developing this state-of-the-art formulation. Cuvget, through advanced science, has been able to utilize the most potent properties from the arctic nature to create a skincare revolution.

My Current Skincare Routine Revealed

Detail Information on CUVGET Products

My Current Skincare Routine Revealed

Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser – a gel-based┬áfoaming cleanser based on effective and smart enzymes that safely and efficiently remove dead skin cells. The pH friendly formula leaves a smooth and rejuvenated skin surface where the living skin cells are intact.

I have combination skin, and my skin feels very clean after washing with this cleanser.

The key ingredients are Keratoline (for cleansing, exfoliation, rejuvenation, radiance/glow) and AntiOXA Complex (for hydration, moisturization, revitalization, antioxidant effect, skin soothing).

The cleanser provides immediate and gentle exfoliation to reveal younger, healthier-looking skin that promotes skin rejuvenation/renewal.

My Current Skincare Routine Revealed

My Current Skincare Routine Revealed

Instant Vitamin Ampoules – a powerful cocktail which will reduce signs of premature aging and leave your┬áskin feeling smooth and radiant. Each ampoule contains a maximum concentration of the patent-pending Arctic┬áCaga (a┬átype of Arctic mushroom) extract in combination with a potent vitamin complex that instantly starts stimulating the cells to rejuvenate.

I have to say, my skin definitely feels softer after using the ampoules. It’s odorless and has a deep amber color. I apply it all over my face and neck, and it absorbs easily and leaves my skin feeling fresh.

The key ingredients are Artic Caga Max Saturated (for anti-aging, antioxidant effect, UV protection/photoaging, rejuvenation, radiance/glow, barrier function) and Caplex (for anti-aging, collagen care, moisturization, antioxidant effect, UV protection/photoaging, barrier function).

Studies have shown that this magical vitamin ampoules provide 80% reduction of cell oxidative damage within 60 minutes (97% of people had reduced fine lines and wrinkles after 10 days, and 100% had improved radiance/glow after 10 days)!

I don’t really have fine lines yet (thanks to being Asian!), but I definitely noticed the increased radiance and glow in my skin after using the first bottle.

My Current Skincare Routine Revealed

Stimulating Serum – focuses on total collagen care and maintaining a healthy skin matrix. It’s formed from stem cells of Artic berries, marine extracts with potent peptides, as well as betaglucans. The combination of these intense ingredients has shown to uniquely reduce the signs of aging. The serum creates an optimal environment and performance of the skin’s matrix leaving the skin surface perfectly smooth, younger looking, with improved radiance and glow.

The serum has a light feel, spreads easily, and it soaks into the skin instantly.

The key ingredients are Betaglucan M (for moisturization, rejuvenation, antioxidant effect, barrier function, skin firmness), Algae extract (for anti-aging, collagen care, hydration, UV protection/photoaging, skin nourishment), Lingostem (for UV protection/photoaging, radiance/glow) and SYN-TC (for anti-wrinkle, collagen care, skin firmness).

This serum significant improves skin hydration, smoothness, and skin radiance after only 2 weeks of use.

My Current Skincare Routine Revealed

Protective Day Cream – is the ultimate product against daytime free radical exposure and skin aging. It is based on patent-pending and award-winning technologies from the finest extracts of Artic origin. The smooth and fast absorbing cream formula include several potent active ingredients. In particular, a unique complex of the award-winning Omega-3 technology and the patent-pending plant-based Artic Caga extract. It boosts the skin’s own defense system, protects against both extrinsic and intrinsic aging, and ensures an optimal daytime skin performance.

The cream has a very light beige color. Cuvget doesn’t add any perfume in their products, but the cream comes with a very mild natural smell (natural meaning mushroom since the main ingredient is Caga extract). It’s silky, spreads easily, and leaves the skin with a light glow without feeling greasy.

The key ingredients are Arctic Caga (for rejuvenation, raidance/glow, antioxidant effect, UV protection/photoaging, barrier function), Omegatri (for collagen care, rejuvenation, skin soothing, barrier function, skin nourishment), Arnica MFE (for anti-wrinkle, hydration, moisturization, rejuvenation, skin soothing, skin nourishment, dark circles, puffiness), Rhizome RE (for anti-wrinkle, Skin soothing), and Lingon-berry E (for skin soothing, age spots).

This day cream hydrates and nourishes the skin, strengthens the skin barrier functions, and comes with a broad spectrum SPF 20.

My Current Skincare Routine Revealed

Renewal Night Cream – a unique combination of Artic plant extracts that have proven to fight the signs of premature aging. One of the cream’s potent ingredients is the unique patent-pending Arctic Caga extract, which stimulates┬ánight repair of the skin cells and barrier functions. The cream improves hydration, skin elasticity, and reduces the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. The night cream also works against both extrinsic and intrinsic aging to ensure optimal skin rejuvenation.

It has the same color, smell, and consistency as the day cream.

The key ingredients are Arctic Caga (for rejuvenation, radiance/glow, antioxidant effect, barrier function), Squalane (for anti-wrinkle, hydration, radiance/glow, skin firmness), Arnica MFE (for anti-wrinkle, hydration, moisturization, rejuvenation, skin soothing, skin nourishment, dark circles, puffiness), Rhizome RE (for anti-wrinkle, Skin soothing), and Ubiquinone (for anti-aging, collagen care, antioxidant effect, skin nourishment).

My Current Skincare Routine Revealed

My Current Skincare Routine Revealed

My Experience With the Products

I’ve used these products for about 1.5 weeks now and so far, I’m really enjoying them. Skincare isn’t a quick fix, unlike medication for a cold that you can see the results instantly. The key to skincare is to find the right products that work for your skin type, and stick to a consistent routine for a period of time. Only then will you gradually see and benefit from the results. I feel very lucky to have been gifted with these products, but the experience and opinions are my own.

If you would like to give this product line a try, you can check them out here with a 15% discount code already added during check out if you decide to give any of the products a try, or you can simply go to and enter MINGALINGS15 to enjoy your 15% discount!

If you’ve already used any of the products from Cuvget, please let me know your experience with them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Always with LOVE,





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