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Hi, my name is Ming, and welcome to my blog! I am a model, actress, wife and mother who lives in the City of Angels. This site acts as a creative outlet for me to share my favorite food recipes, makeup tutorials, fashion styling, and DIY videos with you!

Early Days

I was born in the Hunan province of China where I spent most of my early childhood. At the age of 11, my parents and I immigrated to the U.S. and made New York City our new home. I really enjoyed growing up in the Big Apple and quickly became interested in Fashion. I attended High School of Fashion Industries, and then went on to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) to receive my bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design.


From Designing to Modeling

After graduating from college, I worked as a fashion designer for a year and half before quitting my job to give modeling a try. Being 5’8″ (5’9″ is the industry standard) and new to the modeling world, the bigagencies turned me down. However, I was very determined so I changed direction and went to see some smaller agencies instead. Luckily, this paid off and I got signed!

From there I worked, gained experience, built up my modeling portfolio, and a year later was able to switch over to a bigger agency (Q Models and then New York Models). But it wasn’t until a couple years later in 2011 did I land my first big campaign for L’Oreal. I never dreamed that one day I would get to say “Because You’re Worth It” so when I did, I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the world. 🙂


From Modeling to Acting

I have to say, modeling and acting are two totally different worlds. Compared to modeling, acting is definitely much harder (at least for me it is). I consider myself a very shy person (I turn red very easily!) and I never thought I would get into acting. So how did I end up doing it then?

Well, back in 2008, my agent called me and said “Ming, can you do a last minute audition? They are looking for someone who can speak Chinese.” Without giving it too much thought, I took down the info and went. The audition was located at the NBC building.

First, the casting director asked me to spend 1 minute introducing myself, then translate what I said from English to Chinese. Next, she asked me to pretend I was in a bar, the camera is a cute guy, so flirt with the camera (at that moment I was thinking “oh no no no no…”). I seriously don’t remember how I survived…! Everything became a blur. All I can remember is hearing the casting director say “thank you for coming” and that I was so happy the audition was over!

Later that evening, my agent called and told me I had booked the job! It was for some TV show called “30 Rock” which I had never heard of before (as you can see, I watched a lot of TV, NOT! Haha… ). Anyway, after working on “30 Rock” I got a little taste of the acting world and really enjoyed it. But it wasn’t until 2012 when I moved to Los Angeles did I really give it some serious thought.


From NYC to LA

I used to say that I would never live anywhere else but New York. I guess NEVER say never. 🙂 In 2012, my now husband and I moved to LA from NYC. Why? Because my husband (Sonny) is originally from Australia (Chinese-Australian) and to fly from NY to Sydney takes about 24 hrs since there are no non-stop flights. But from LA, it’s only about 16 hours direct. Also, we realized as we got older, we enjoyed more of a laidback, slower paced lifestyle and LA fit that bill perfectly.

When I first heard people say “almost everyone in LA is an actor”, I didn’t believe it. Now, I believe it, lol…I guess I’m one of them! Fortunately, since I already had representation in NY, my transition into the LA market for both modeling and acting was quite smooth. For modeling, I got signed with Wilhelmina LA (amazing agency, love everyone over there) and continued with CESD for TV Commercials, Voice Over and Theatrical (another wonderful agency where everyone is so nice).

However, it wasn’t until after a year of auditioning and rejections, did I finally land my first movie role in “Hector and the Search for Happiness”. It was an amazing experience. I was fortunate enough to work with Simon Pegg (the most down to earth, easy going, super talented actor) and Peter Chelsom (the nicest, loving, caring, brilliant director). I had the best time of my life filming my section of the movie in Shanghai for 10 days!


From Wife to Mother

2013 was a big year for me. Besides landing my first movie role, I also got married. And being me, I decided to do most of it myself (don’t advise it though, lol…). Preparing a wedding is A LOT of work. I did all my center pieces, bouquets, all the wedding decors and my hair and makeup that day. Yup, I was crazy. I guess I’m just a big fan of DIYs. And on top of that, since I studied fashion design, I designed and made my own wedding gown too! If I knew how much work everything would be, I definitely wouldn’t have done what I did. I actually said to my husband before our big day “I don’t care if you come or not, I’m going to walk down the aisle regardless after all the hard work!” 😉

In 2016, my husband and I welcomed our first baby girl, Sydney! I’m still amazed at how magical it is to be able to create and give life to a little human being. The human body truly fascinates me. After becoming a mom, I feel the power of love more than ever now. It also gave me a new admiration for all the moms out there, the effort, the love, the dedication that’s required- it’s beyond measure. A BIG thumbs up to all the moms!


From Mother to Blogger

I still remember back in the day when My Space was very popular. All my friends kept telling me to get on it. But when I finally signed up and told my friends the good news, they had already moved on to something else, Facebook. Then when I started with Facebook, they had moved on to Instagram. When I finally started with Instagram (in mid 2014) Snapchat was the next big thing. It seems like I’m always late with social media, haha…

I actually first thought about blogging back in 2015, but put the idea on hold when I found out that I was pregnant (because I thought I won’t have the time nor the energy). I guess everything is about timing. It’s great being a mom, but I do miss being creative and doing something else apart from changing diapers and warming up milk! Now it’s 2017, and the idea of blogging has once again surfaced in my mind. So here I am again; I’m trying something new. 🙂



Why Food?

Did I mention that I’m a foodie? I love food, and I can eat a lot (no joke). Who says models don’t eat, haha…I guess this is why I gained 70 lbs during my pregnancy! However, this made postpartum weight loss sooooo much harder. Note to self: next pregnancy, definitely control my appetite a bit more! 😉


Why Beauty?

I love drawing and painting, so doing makeup is like drawing and painting on a 3 dimensional canvas. Also, I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned through the years of modeling.


Why Fashion?

Fashion is my root. Although I’m working as a model/actress and not as a designer, I still love every aspect of creating the “look”.


Why DIYs?

I am a big fan of all different kinds of DIY. It’s a great way to learn new things. When we bought our first home, I renovated the kitchen and bathroom myself. I watched a lot of YouTube videos, asked experts a lot of questions, and you could say, I lived in Home Depot, haha. It was really fun!


Thanks For Visiting!

So there you have it, a pretty good summary of my life. Hope I didn’t bore you too much! Thanks again for visiting my blog, and hopefully you’ll find one or two posts that are useful. Feel free to leave me a comment on any post, or to just simply say hi. I will do my best to reply in a timely fashion!


Lots of love,





Hi, I'm Ming.

Hi, I'm Ming.

Welcome to my lifestyle blog! Hope you will enjoy reading my posts and find them useful. Visit often and feel free to leave comments and share your favorite posts with family and friends. Thank you! Mwah...
Hi, I'm Ming.

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